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Crossing the Line

There's a line we cross when we step out and share about Jesus. We are no longer protecting ourselves but saying yes to God. Our validation comes from God and not from people. Not only are we available to share the love of Christ but we are willing in the process to let the weaker side of ourselves be seen. This is usually what most people relate to anyway, our humanity. But in the middle of our humanity, we are compelled to share hope of a life that can transform us, give us wings, and anchor us all at the same time. A hope that there is something, Someone bigger than ourselves to hold us when we feel we are falling apart. That something is love and that Someone is Jesus.

We have walls up that hide our true selves and we share very little. To the degree we share of ourselves, that will be the depth of our relationships. We share the good, we hide the bad and the ugly. Still, if we can push through the awkward, we will find that others have been there too. There is within us a desire to be fully known and fully loved at the same time. This is what I found in knowing Him.

There is something freeing about breaking the barrier because it is not for yourself, but for His glory and the love of people that you do it. This is what we are called to do, share the love of God. He is Faithful, always there with us.

Crossing the line to share the love of God is not that difficult for us here and now. But there are countless Christ followers who face persecution for it and have willingly done so. We may face that someday. But I know how the story ends. As much as God loves us, his kids, He will wrap it up one day with putting an end to the evil in the world. He will set things right. Its the long view we must remember, the big picture. And whether He comes back in our lifetime or we go to Him, time is winding down. Until then, we must be about His business. There are a whole lot of people still searching.

If your heart is stirring to share, the Holy Spirit will lead you. Trust Him. We can only share what we have been given. We are not alone in this endeavor but empowered by Him as we step out.

Growing up I remember the expression, particularly if you were in trouble. "You've crossed the line!"

When you talk about Jesus, there will be many in the world who will not like it. That is the spirit of this world. They may say... "You've crossed the line!"

...while the other half, the hungry, searching half is waiting for you to.

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