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He is For You, Really

God doesn't want your have-tos, He wants your want-tos. But you won't want to-- until you know how very much He is for you and how very much He loves you. When you know and experience His love, you will want to love Him and serve Him.

We can relate to this by those we love. We don't want a gift from someone because they have to give it. But what a blessing to receive a gift that is given from the heart...because of love.

Love is and always has been the most powerful force. God is Love.

And Love and only Love can change a heart and heal a heart. The law and rules and fear might change your actions- temporarily, but it does not have the staying power to change you from the inside. Your efforts may be well meaning but tiresome, in the long haul.

But God, your Father, by His Spirit will come in and empower you to change. You just need to turn toward Him, seek Him.

Just be real. Get alone with God. Take a walk with Him. Read His love letter to you. Believe it. He is so for you, He gave His Son to die for all the stuff in your life that keeps you from Him.

Repentance is not about getting your act together. It is changing your mind. Deciding you do need Him. Deciding you do believe Him. Deciding Jesus has done for you what you can't do....because He loves you. He is God, we are not. And He loves you more than you can even imagine. Even if you messed up five minutes ago.

I love my children and grandchildren dearly. I want them to know that. I am not keeping score or holding back my love for them because of mistakes they have made. I want them near. How much more our Heavenly Father who loves us dearly.

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