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Shelter In Place

We have been called to stay where we are, to shelter in place. To be still. Never in my lifetime of 60 years do I remember a worldwide call to attention quite like this.

To be still. Could it be that God is calling us to be still...and Know that He is God?

We wait for this to be over and for life to resume as usual. But perhaps, it shouldn't be

"as usual". We are the self reliant boot strap people who always land on our feet.

Perhaps this time we are to land on our knees. Because for sure, what the devil means for our destruction, God can turn for our good.

The coronavirus is a worldwide problem but the real scourge of the earth that has inflicted every single person is sin. And it brings death always. For certain, eternal death and separation from our God...our Life Source. And there seems no hope. I've been there. Sin has a grip on us and all the 'trying to be good' doesn't work in the end. Only One has the power to change us.


If God is allowing this crisis, it is His mercy, His calling us to attention.

He is calling us back to Him. Believers, non believers, church goers, non church goers, all.

Do you know Him?

Do you talk to Him every day? You can, you know. When you wake up and when you lie down to sleep? When you are in the middle of difficult situations? Or when you are feeling extremely blessed?

Reach for Him. He is there for you. I know this may sound a little preachy, but its getting real folks. In Him is Life and peace the world cannot offer. And on that day when he wraps it all up, He wants you there with Him because He loves you. You are His creation, His child.

Maybe you feel you are fine, "ok" without Him. I found I can't do Life without Him.

These times are a bit of a trial for everyone in some way. But this time could be a time that we grow and are changed. Remember, He is good and He has not forgotten us.

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

Psalm 91:1

This truth blows me away. In the shadow of the Almighty. That's where we want to be.

Jesus is the Way.

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