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Choosing Hope

Today is the day we were scheduled to leave for New York. We were going to walk around and enjoy the sights and walk through the parks.

But I am sad for New York. The Corona Virus was the reason we cancelled our trip. I see now places that are destroyed where we once walked. But I'm hopeful still for rebuilding and restoration... in buildings and relationships.

I am praying for the family owned businesses that had to close their doors after generations of making a livelihood. And for the many who work there who are now out of a job. I pray for the church in New York who are desiring to show God's love.

One year ago today we were there. I had never desired to go until our son moved there. I felt safe each time we went last year. I am praying for you beautiful New York City and our country. I am hopeful to return and walk through your parks and be amazed at the architecture. We'll eat an ice-cream cone in Bryant Park and talk to our Uber drivers, who like one we had, came from another country with Hope, trying to make ends meet. We'll eat a burger at Shake Shack or Schnippers and pizza at Carve Café.

I am working hard to not let the media tell me how to think. What we think is so important. From out thoughts, come our words, then our actions. God's Word tells me that we are one in Him. I am His child. He determines my worth, no one else. He is concerned with how I treat you because He is committed to growing me up in His image. But He alone knows my heart and He treats it tenderly and gently like a loving Father. Jesus' prayer before He went to the cross was that we would be one. In Him, by His Spirit, we are one but surely He knew we would struggle in this. We have an enemy and its not each other. Satan wants to divide.

He comes to kill, steal, and destroy...everything and especially relationships.

Jesus said, "I have come that they may have life and have it to the full" John 10:10

I will Purpose to be hopeful and believe Him.

My eyes are on you Lord.

In you alone, our Hope is found.

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